Super Bowl Ads: Bloggers React

There are a lot of bloggers out there that did a great job of recapping, criticizing and applauding last night’s Super Bowl commercials. So instead of stealing all of their great thoughts and insights, here are some links to their blogs.

Oh, before I get to that – I do have one thought: ENOUGH OF THE TALKING BABY ADS!

Denver’s Bank Gothic Overload spouts off their opinions of the game and the commercials with a quarter by quarter recap (this blog doesn’t hold anything back, reader discretion is advised):

Awful Announcing isn’t too impressed with the “racist” commercial. Neither was I, and Hee Haw marketing agrees. Personally, I thought the Taco Bell “Mariachi” commercial was in bad taste too.

BrandFlakesForBreakfast is a fan of the Will Farell Bud Light spot. I am too.

Denver based PR Agency, Pure is asking their readers what they think about the Super Bowl ads:

  • Funniest
  • Biggest Flop
  • Most effective

Good questions. Click over there and tell them what you think! I left a comment with my thoughts.

Finally, online marketing guru, Mark Silva always has some interesting things to say twittered his thoughts on the Super Bowl ads as he watched the game.


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