Use Jim Rome’s Advice When You Twit

I was in the process of writing a blog about how NOT to Twitter and I found myself using Jim Rome’s advice – Have a Take and Don’t Suck.  And when I stopped and thought about it, that was really all that needed to be said.  That’s exactly how people should approach Twitter.

For those of you that don’t listen to sports talk radio (and good for you), let me explain this a little further.

Jim Rome is a cocky sports talk radio host.  Compared to other sports talk radio shows, his show is fast paced, opinionated and arrogant.  In a typical three hour show, he let’s his listeners talk for maybe 30 minutes and he makes it clear that he only does that when he has to.  He would much prefer to spout out his own opinions and ideas, interview an athlete or read hand-selected emails.  Everyday, when he gives out the phone number to call into the show, he tells his listeners to :

Have a take and don’t suck. 

If callers suck, he hangs up.  He does his best not to let the callers kill his show with boring, meaningless calls that lead to people changing the station.

This is how I approach Twitter.  If you suck, I leave/change the station.

Here’s my “Jim Rome approach” to what I am looking for in a Twitterer that I follow:

  • Have a Take: have an opinion, drop some knowledge on me or be funny.
  • Don’t suck: Enough said.

In return, I’ll do my best not to suck either.

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