Can You Create?

I have some pretty radical views on how involved a Marketing Department should be involved in the creative process. I’m a wanna-be creative, so I have always taken a very active role in creating advertising, promotions and campaign concepts. I just never have been comfortable turning a creative brief over to an agency and waiting for them to come back to me with the “magic pill” that’s going to grow my business.

Maybe that’s why when I got the opportunity to truly organize my own Marketing Department, I made the decision to hire an in-house Creative Manager leaving our department responsible for generating all of ideas and design own within our own walls.

All of which leads me to this question:

Are the people in your marketing department capable of executing fundamental projects if needed? Can they write a press release? Can they build a blog? Can they post a blog? Can they write copy?

I wish more small to medium sized companies would consider doing more in-house. Agencies have become a crutch for too many companies.


One thought on “Can You Create?

  1. i work for a design consultantcy (mostly product design & engineering, but we do other work as well). in my experience, marketers are a vital piece of the creative team. here’s how it works:

    when it comes to defining WHAT/WHO, marketers are superior to designers/creatives. in other words, WHAT should we make and WHO should it be for. sometimes designers bristle at marketers being involved here, but the truth is that designers are weak strategic thinkers and need to take a backseat at this stage.

    when you get to the HOW, marketers should bow out. they just cause trouble by getting involved in executional details that they’re not really qualified to talk about.

    that’s my $.02 USD!

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