No More Long Blogs

I’ve pretty much phased reading uber long blogs out of my life.  I just don’t have the attention span and it’s got me worried if I will be able to ever read a book again because I have started to “skim” so much.  If I’m not reading long blogs, then I bet other people aren’t either.

So, no more long blog posts here.  I’m not talking Twitter short (140 characters) – I’m talking less than 500 words.  Probably closer to 200.  If I can’t get the job done in less than 500 words, then it’s not a good enough idea/concept to put in a blog.

(FYI  – This is 110 words)


One thought on “No More Long Blogs

  1. I agree with you on blog length. At times I feel like length is necessary to add value to the post. (rankings ploy). But for the most part, people are not willing to read at length. I find myself skipping paragraphs, and summary is an important business skill.

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