Ads in Your Menu is a Really Bad Idea

I went to a birthday dinner at The Cheesecake Factory last night. For a fairly common chain restaurant, I’m really impressed with the level of detail they go to. The servers are well trained, the decor is on par with Las Vegas casinos and the food actually pretty decent.

But they have advertising in their menus?!

Bad move.  Terrible move.  I don’t even care if it is advertising for high end brands/retailers that mirror the restaurant’s image (which it wasn’t). Ads in the menus is just super tacky and being that this is one of the key interaction points, I walked away thinking less of them.

Our tab for a group of five was $100 and there was 35 minute wait for the table. It seems like they are doing a pretty good job managing the restaurant end of the business.

Cheesecake Factory: Just drop the menu ads that earn you a fraction of your total profit and concentrate on you core business. Plus, you spend way too much on your image to let shit like this ruin the of the hard work.

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