Twitter Thoughts…and Questions

Ok, I’m into Twitter. Like most people, it took me some time to figure out exactly how to use this thing. But after sitting back and observing for a little bit, I’ve grown to love Twitter and I update my personal page pretty often.

But what about using Twitter for MarComm? In my morning blog check, I came across the Church of the Customer blog that was complimenting corporate branded twitters. They highlighted brands like Southwest Airlines who use Twitter to announce special fares. That makes total sense – a brand that always has something to say and it always looking for new ways to do it.

I like corporate branded twitters. We have one at Flying Dog, but I’m still undecided on how useful it it. Sure, it’s free, but it takes time. And when you have a small staff, time and workload matter. Let’s put it this way, I’m the Director of Marketing, and I’m the one in charge of updating our Twitter page.

The goal: Attract followers and give them enough information to become brand advocates.

The strategy: Twit once or twice a day, with useful, brand information. But just as important, don’t abuse it.

The content: We use Twitter to promote new promotions, seasonal releases, press mentions and blogger reviews.

The questions: How do we build a following? We are integrating Twitter into our blogs, website and email newsletter. We are consistently Twitting. But we only have 63 followers. Is this too much work for speaking to such a small audience, or do we need to patiently build the following?

Is Twitter right for everyone? Probably not. But it’s worth experimenting given the cost. The question for me is how long do we continue this experiment and what is critical mass?


2 thoughts on “Twitter Thoughts…and Questions

  1. I too have been observing Twitter for a while now. It seems that the corporate accounts that gather the most followers fall into two categories. Either they advertise their Twitter stream constantly and in many varied places or they offer entertainment that appeals to some segment on Twitter.

    So far the Flying Dog Twitter stream has been informational, which you would expect, but doesn’t do either the PR or social brand building tactics that I’ve seen.


  2. Speaking as a Flying Dog lover, I’d say your twitter sounds interesting and helpful. I’m not even a twitter user (yet), but I’m heading over there to check it out.

    Speaking as a marketing student, it sounds pretty obscure. Since people just don’t think to check for a corporate twitter feed, they’re not going to find the FD twitter by simply wondering if it’s there.

    Maybe if I saw a message on the bottle or under the cap that said “twitter us for dog news on the fly,” (or something) then I’d have taken interest sooner. Eventually, people might start to look for their favorite brand’s twitter account on their own, but right now it’s so new that they don’t seem to think of it.

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