Big Auto Marketing Efforts at Auto Show are a Real Let Down

I’m kind of in the market for a car. Our lease on the A4 is up and we want to either get a another new car with a bumper to bumper warranty that is as long as the lease or get a cheap used car. So I went to the Denver Auto show wanting to be impressed with a new car.But it was a huge let down to see that most of the company/brands take an “old school” approach to this show.  Is there a better forum to engage consumers than at a show where people paid $10 to come in and look at your product?

Here is a quick video that I did comparing how Ford took the old fashioned approach to showcase a new car called the Ford Flex that they are launching this Summer/Fall. They put all of their efforts into the played-out spokesperson to stand on a rotating stage and talk about a car that wasn’t even available for viewing on the floor. Compare that to Scion, who at least made an attempt to make their section fun and engaging.

I don’t sell cars for a living, but wouldn’t it make more sense to try and talk TO people rather than AT them? And wouldn’t it make sense to the make your part of the floor look less like a car showroom than everyone else? And at a minimum, wouldn’t it make sense to try and do things a little different than everyone else?

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One thought on “Big Auto Marketing Efforts at Auto Show are a Real Let Down

  1. A new car show in Des Moines is taking the approach you talk about. The first-ever Greater Des Moines New Car show, in Des Moines, Iowa, is going to showcase about 14 manufactures of automobiles and test-drives are available on sight for the new ’09 models.

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