Brand Content is Like Food

If you’re reading blogs, you already know this.  And if you’re digging as deep as my blog, you probably already REALLY know this.

Consumers want fresh, new, evolving and relevant content.  If fact they expect it.

I was reminded of this when I read Mark Silva’s blog today showcasing some comments that college students made in a copywriting class.  The comment that stuck out to me was:

“Brands are built by consumers and consumers are people/living things. Brands need to show more ‘life’ online to become or stay relevant.”

So if college students (don’t know what level they were) know this, then why do so many brands still treat their website like a static online brochure?  The time has come for brands to monitor and publish online content on a DAILY basis.  The days of freshening or tweaking the website once a quarter are over.


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