Craft Brewer’s Conference Presentation

I’ll be presenting as part of the “Harnessing the Power of the Internet” panel at the Craft Brewer’s Conference later this week in San Diego.  As it is with any presentation, knowing the audience is extremely important.  Based on my past experiences at this conference and my eight years in the beer business, I’m guessing that my fellow presenters and I will be talking to people who are somewhat unfamiliar with web 2.0 technologies and are really just interested in tactics that directly affect sales.

With that in mind and knowing that I only have 15 minutes to present, my message is pretty simple:

  1. The internet is a CONVERSATION tool.  An effective website is more than an online brochure.
  2. Continually evolving content is critical to engaging customers/consumers.
  3. The internet IS a selling tool.  More and more, interested customers/retailers are conducting their own research online and choose which brands they want in their establishments.  If you can give them the right information and give them a way to reach you, the sale is already closed.

Here is the PowerPoint part of my presentation.  Of course this is just the visual part of the presentation, so if you have any questions, please leave a comment and I would be happy to respond.


One thought on “Craft Brewer’s Conference Presentation

  1. Neal … good info, thanks for sharing.

    Since you asked … I would add the line, “Be Everywhere Your Customers Expect You to Be.” As in … if your customers expect you to blog, you should blog. If customers expect you to be on Twitter, be on Twitter. If customers expect you to do a Channel 9-like MSFT video dealio, do it.

    I would also stress the “Duh!” factor of social media is a great way to express the style and personality of a brand. Because really, a brand’s style is its best form of advertising.

    Have a delightful Lost Abbey exotic concoction while in San Diego. Oh my San Diego is a nice beer town.

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