Going to San Diego

I’m heading to San Diego later this week for the Craft Brewer’s Conference and World Beer Cup.

Here’s a look at the highlights of my schedule:

Wed – travel to SD, meet with my fellow presenters to prep

Thurs – Present “Harnessing the Power of the Internet” with Eric McKay and Bob Mack.  (more on the presentation later in the week)

Fri -Thinking Outside the Pumpkin (creative ways to market your brewpub) – I have no idea what the significance of “pumpkin” is.

Saturday – Building Brewery Tour Traffic, Food and Beer Pairing panel, World Beer Cup

I’ll be posting Twitter updates thru the conference.  You can follow me at twitter.com/nealstewart

One thought on “Going to San Diego

  1. Hey Neal,

    “Outside the Pumpkin” is a reference to a beer festival that Elysian in Seattle hosts (one of the panelists, Dave Buhler, is a founder).

    As well as an outlandish lineup of pumpkin beers they’ve taken to serving a cask pumpkin beer directly from a pumpkin.

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