Big Ideas and Big Decisions in One Minute

I’m not a regular viewer of The Big Idea on CNBC, but I caught some of Donny Deutsch’s show tonight and I really like his “One Minute to Millions” segment.  Here’s how it worked:

They do a short, 1-2 minute segment previewing new product.  In this case it was a scooter/bike hybrid called a “Kickbike”.

Picture 5

One-by-one, Donny and his two person panel (which happened to be Richard Simmons! and the publisher of Men’s Health magazine) spent one minute on the product innovator’s strategy in the following categories:

  • Concept
  • Packaging
  • Sales Channel(s)
  • Target Audience
  • Pricing

One minute per category! Total time for the segment was eight minutes and they pretty much hammered it out in that time.  This is a bit of an exaggeration and I’m sure there was some preparation involved, but it was a good argument against over thinking things and just getting to the point.


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