A New Marketing Campaign Everyday

Do you plan out your marketing campaign on a yearly, quarterly, weekly or daily basis?  It used to be that smart marketers planned on a yearly basis and it was all execution after that.  It was “smart and strategic” to know exactly what you would be doing months down the road and not waver from the plan or the message.

I think those days are over because brands need to evolve and live.  Sure, a marketing plan is a great when used as a guide throughout the year, but if you’re not reacting to opportunities and having conversations with consumers, your brand is not being treated as a living, breathing creature.  In other words, you don’t have a new campaign everyday.

Here are a few ways to activate a daily campaign:

  • Write a blog post that promotes something exciting about your brand or starts a conversation
  • Post something on your Twitter page
  • Update your website homepage with new and relevant content
  • Read emails from your consumers and write back to them
  • Go talk to people who sell your product – retailers or distributors
  • Go to the point of purchase and talk to consumers – yours and your competitor’s

Do you have any other ideas on how to activate a daily campaign?


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