Dell Responds to Overpackaging

Good for Dell.  They’re pretty dialed in on the blogosphere.  In the first business day since my “Overpackaging by Dell” post they responded and said that they are addressing the problem.  You can see their comment here.

The response has a bit of a “form-letter” feel, but being that I am responsible for consumer responses at my job, I can understand how it can come off that way after responding to so many.

By the way, if you’re not in the mood to click on the link to see what they said, but want to know why this particular item was so overpackaged – they say it is because they outsource it to a 3rd party and they are trying to resolve the situation.

One thought on “Dell Responds to Overpackaging

  1. Dell is a shitty company and am glad I hopefully won’t have to deal with them anymore. After dropping $1200 for a new laptop last summer, it started acting up after a week. This was right before July 4 & before my big trip out to Denver to see my buddy Neal. When I got back from the trip I called Dell (call was routed to the Middle East) & that guy couldn’t help me. Next day talk to a guy in the states, after 2 hours, he says he’ll check some other things out & contact me. Two days later I call back, get some sort of supervisory tech, work with him for close to 4 hours (ridiculous I know!) He sad he’s never seen this sort of problem & he is referring it to some sort of tech guru and they would contact me in 2 days. They contact me 2 days later, try a couple of things and say it’s messed up. They say I can return it and they can start building the replacement ASAP and I’ll get it in 2 weeks. 3 weeks later I call & they say it shipped out yesterday (I later get an e-mail stating this). 5 days later I call and they say a part is on back order but will be in soon (can’t tell me when). I work my way up the supervisors and get an answer of 2 weeks, that the part will be in. I say BS & demand a refund. They say that I am now 5 days out of the refund period. I bitch & complain to no avail, so after doing some research online (on my wife’s computer), I e-mail Michael Dell and someone contacts me on a Sunday morning with an address to mail my piece of shit back to & they apologized profusely. With that money, I bought a better HP from Costco, with a better warranty and it has worked great. So Dell, if you read this fuck you, you piece of shit, no good customer-serving MOTHER-FUCKERS!!!

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