New Blog: Mount Rushmore Of…

To be really honest, I’m really bored with this blog.  It’s just too broad to really be interesting.  I dabble in various marketing topic, I talk about my lousy tennis game and I list some links from my Delicious page.  Let’s face it, there are a lot of other people out there doing the same thing (minus the tennis) and they do a much better job with it.

So I am turning my attention to a new blog:

What is it? is a blog dedicated to debating the most influential people (within a certain topic) of all-time.  For example, my first post is my Mount Rushmore of Baseball: Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, Walter Johnson and Ted Williams.

This will work best if people participate and debate the topic – so jump over there and tell me my opinion is shit.  Just remember to tell me what your Mount Rushmore is and WHY.

I’m not going to shut this blog down, but I think I’m going to enjoy posting on this one and of course, The Turkey Sandwich Report alot more.

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