This Guy Gets It

Gary Vay. NER. CHUK.

If you watch Wine Library TV, you know what I’m talking about.  My friend John Moore turned me on to Wine Library TV a couple months back and I’ve been watching ever since, even though I really don’t drink wine (too much good beer to drink out there).  So, why would I watch a wine review webshow?

Now that I’ve started to learn more about Gary, I’ve started to understand why:

  • First off, the dude is super passionate about what he does.  He loves wine and it comes through.  As consumers and viewers, we love passion.  Think Emeril.  Do you ever make or eat the shit he makes on his show? Probably not.  Do you watch his show? Probably.  He has passion and it comes through.
  • Second, his show comes off in an easy-to-understand, bite-sized package.  Wine is complex.  But he makes it simple and less intimidating.
  • Gary understands authenticity.  He loves wine and he loves the NY Jets.  Wine and football isn’t supposed to go together, but he doesn’t care.  That’s who he is, love it or leave it.
  • Gary knows everything counts.  He gets and answers over 1000 emails…a DAY.  Gary makes his money selling wine in New Jersey.  Most of these emails come from the other 49 states and around the world.  Are these emails directly linked to to a sale? No, but he knows that the word of mouth generated from the conversation will eventually lead to a sale.
  • Finally, in this video, I started to understand Gary as a person.  (Warning: this is an 11-minute video and it takes a couple minutes for it to get going, but it’s worth it.) Gary just intuitively understands and more importantly, can explain what is important to him.
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For more information on Gary, log on to his website.


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