School has Changed, But I Still Look the Same

Quite a cowinkydink happened today.  I went to get my student ID for DU today.  (Even an old geezer like me can still find his way around a foreign campus.)  Then, not more that two hours later, I just happened to come across my original student ID from Southeast Missouri State UNIVERSITAY.

Getting Old and Going Back to School

I know the SEMO photo is a little fuzzy, but isn’t it amazing, how I look exactly the same?  I know!

But school on the other hand, seems to be completely different.

Maybe it’s the shitty college I went to for under-grad – but it seemed like it was student vs. professor back then.  I remember their attitude being (asshole voice) “you better learn this shit or you’re fucked”.  Now it’s more like (nice comforting voice) “hey, we’re in this together. we want you to be comfortable..”

Of course I’ve only been to 1 of 3 days of orientation, so things could change quite a bit when the real classes start.  At that point it could go back to (jerkoff voice): “ok, pop quiz, maggots.  i hope you read all 17 chapters!”

4 thoughts on “School has Changed, But I Still Look the Same

  1. Oh, man, I am howling. Too funny, say I as a recovering professor and as someone who still has the “OhfuckImissedanexam” nightmare (and sort-of-related nightmare that I’ve returned to school for another PhD) (and no, I don’t know which one is worse) . . .

    Thanks for a good laugh at the end of a tough week.

    Go get ’em.

  2. sooooooooo rad. However, the bottom (earlier) picture looks like you’re some kind of terrorist. I like that you still don’t smile in pictures. At least some things stay the same 🙂

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