Just Make it Fun

My official title at work recently changed from “Director” to “Vice-President”.  For some reason, “VP” sounds weird to me and I don’t like to introduce myself or refer to myself with that title.  Plus, it sounds really boring and stuffy.

So I changed my title to “Prime Minister of Marketing”.  I like “Prime Minister” because it sounds more international and it’s kind of funny.  Our Creative Manager changed his to “Visual Viceroy”.  Another person in our department calls himself “Baron von Marketing” (wish I thought of that one).

The interesting thing is how much of a reaction my title gets from vendors, co-workers and consumers.  Almost every time I send out an email to someone new, my email signature/title gets a positive response.  All it took was a little creativity and it gets people talking about our brand.

To be honest, the names Prime Minister, Baron von Marketing and Visual Viceroy don’t have anything to do with our brand other than the fact that they are different and fun.  But sometimes, that’s all that matters – just making it fun.  And shouldn’t everyone have the right to call themselves what they want anyway?


2 thoughts on “Just Make it Fun

  1. About two years into my last job working jack-of-all-trades web-stuff at a newspaper, when I was getting business cards printed, I lobbied hard for a new job title: “Deluxe.” I told them if they didn’t like “Deluxe,” well then what about “Deluxxxxe” …. it didn’t fly.

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