The End of a Blog

I’m not sure what this means to corporate blogs in general, but Miller (now MillerCoors) is discontinuing their blog.  Click the link to see their reasons.

Miller Discontinues Their Blog

I liked the BrewBlog.  It definitely had a Miller slant to it, but I think they did about as good of a job that a brewer could do to represent the industry as a whole.  It was written and managed by a former AdAge writer and I thought it was a pretty forward thinking move when they started it a few years ago.

MillerCoors says that they are going to launch new communications tool in the near future, but here’s my take:

The brewblog didn’t ignite buzz in the marketplace and their was minimal feedback from distributors and retailers.  This along with a couple solidly entrenched beer industry news sources already out there made the blog susceptible to getting whacked.

I’ll take my opinion one step further and say that Miller didn’t adequately promote the BrewBlog’s existence enough to give it a chance or drive any traffic.  Blogs are still new technology to most of the population, so if you want distributors and retailers to use a tool like this, they need to be trained to use it and understand the value.

If they step it up and innovate some new communication tools, I’ll eat my words.  But I hope they consider the “how” and not just the “why” this time around.


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