Coming to Grips with Being a Slacker

My two classes this quarter are Financial Accounting and Leadership Intelligence.  Our class has formed study groups and ours typically meets once a week.  Most of the conversation focuses on Financial Accounting, and when it comes to that subject, I add absolutely ZERO value.  None.

I sincerely feel bad about this.  The people in my group seem to be really smart and spend a bunch of time on the homework problems and I totally admire them for that.  I usually saunter into the group meeting with absolutely no work completed come and totally sponge off of their hard work and and intelligence.  And then just when I’m about to give up and officially quit this program, I start to get it.

But here’s the main issue: I just can’t stand to sit down and read an accounting text book.  I simply can’t do it.  Put me in a room with some people to talk about it, I’m fine with that.  I just can’t read it.  And I pretty much refuse to do homework too.

This isn’t new.  I was a total slacker in high school and college – at least in the classes I didn’t want to take.  But in my professional life, I consider myself to be “on the ball”.  I rarely procrastinate, and always get my shit done.  So, now that I’m back in a school environment and have a positive team experiences under my belt, I actually feel guilty about being a piece of shit teammate.

But we’re also reading a book called “Go Find Your Strengths” and the main point of it is to focus on what you’re good at and screw the rest of the stuff you don’t like and/or aren’t good at.  This seems like a good idea to me, since I gots no accounting skillz.

According to this book, we’re trained to focus on our weaknesses as we progress through life, which leads to us not effectively contributing to the team we’re on.  Sounds like a plan to me.  Also sounds like I better bring my “A” game when it comes to the Marketing portion of our program.

The good news is that I have pretty much an unlimited supply of beer and I’m hoping I can keep them happy that way.


One thought on “Coming to Grips with Being a Slacker

  1. I’ve had to read that book for two of my business classes up at UNC, it’s one of my favorites. It really is a different way of thinking about things to focus on your strength as opposed to bringing your weaknesses up to “average”. I think one of my favorite take-aways from the book was the classifications you get after doing the strengths finder test online. The descriptions like “strategic mastermind” and such are a great ego boost.

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