Lennon and McCartney Knew Marketing

I found myself talking about “LOVE” a lot this week.

  • I was talking about how a meaningful conversation with a brand makes a consumer feel loved – which breeds loyalty.
  • I found myself training a new field marketing person by explaining that winning over customers in the trade was all about “spreading the love.”
  • I used some of the consumer network and communities discussion we had at SwomFest as an example of how people who have a common “love” leads to an even stronger loyalty to a brand.
  • We want to empower all of our employees so they can brag about our brand and spread the love.

As Kevin Roberts explains in his book, Lovemarks, (I’m a big fan of this book) it really is all about LOVE.  Giving it, spreading it and enabling it.

As you’re planning out your 09 marketing, all you need is love.


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