The Art of Zigging

“We need to ZIG when they ZAG!”

I hate that phrase.  It’s a total over-simplification of differentiating your brand from the competition.  What does it really mean anyway?  Let’s do the opposite of what everyone else is doing?  If so, that’s stupid.

Isn’t more important to:

  • differentiate your brand in a compelling way?
  • develop set of brand values and a purpose that guides everything you do?
  • have more speed to market than your competition?
  • do something that is different AND interesting?
  • connect with consumers?
  • make an impact?

It’s ok to zig/something different, just have some rationale and strategy behind it.

One thought on “The Art of Zigging

  1. i couldn’t agree more! there is no inherent value in novelty, which is what this simpleminded notion is all about. as you said, the only important thing is connecting with consumers. sometimes that means doing something radically different from the competition, sometimes it means doing exactly the same thing. i’m really tired of hearing about “zagging” for its own sake, so i really appreciate this post!

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