Thoughts on Being a “Twitter All-Star”

I was lucky enough to represent Flying Dog Brewery in a recent article that highlighted us as “Twitter All-Stars”.  Click here to see the article.

After reading the final product (which I think is well-written and highlights some great uses of Twitter), I came up with a few additional thoughts.

  • The real power in Twitter is the conversation.  It’s fine drop links and post TwitPic, but loyalty comes from interaction, so monitor the number of “@ replies” and direct messages to measure the effectiveness of your tweets.
  • Who are the people/consumers that have a high level of involvement with your tweets?  These are the people that respond to your questions, look at your TwitPics, send direct messages for product information.  Know who these people are, and find ways to increase your interaction with them.  But be sure to keep it on their terms.
  • Be prepared to respond.  Unless someone on your staff can carve out some time to respond to questions and interact with your followers, you may want to reconsider your Tweeting.  If you Tweet right, you’re gong to get questions on product/service availability, sponsorship requests, advertising pitches, consumer complaints, consumer compliments and everything in between.  Obviously, some of these interactions may not warrant responses, but most will – so be prepared.

One final thought: Twitter is still really new and looks really stupid to the people that are just finding out about it.  If you’re one of these people that doesn’t really get it, but is curious about all the Twitter talk – take the 30 day challenge.  Open an account and post at least one tweet, everyday for a month.  Don’t force yourself to do anything more than that and you’ll get a feel as to whether it’s right for you or not.  And if it’s not right for you, it probably not right for your brand – yet.


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