You Gotta Act Fast on Twitter

We had a little snafu on Twitter today.  And believe me, it was small, but there’s something to learn here, so I wanted to share.

One of our first Twitter posts of the day was to announce a contest where we were going to reward our 2000th Twitter follower.  Seems like a good idea to boost interest, right?

Not really.  Almost immediately, our loyal Twitter followers started calling us out for not rewarding the “early adopters” and trying to figure out a way to game the system.  So we had to think fast.  We had to figure out a way to avoid letting our loyal followers walking away feeling like we were just using them to build our consumer base.

We acted fast:

  • We solved the problem by posting some new rules on our blog.
  • We used an idea posted by one of our followers which was to draw names from the first 2000 followers and reward prizes from that list.

The result: Appreciation and respect from out Twitter community.  They liked the fact that we were listening.

The lesson: If you want to use Twitter as a marketing and promotion tool, you gotta monitor the reaction and feedback.  You can’t just post something, walk away and expect everything to run smooth.  And if you need to change something, you must have alternate tools to fix the situation.  A blog worked perfectly for us since we could post it immediately and tweet the link.


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