Don’t Do Social Media

Everyone’s doing it so why don’t you? I’m talking about SOCIAL MEDIA.

I’m not here to tell you why you SHOULD do social media – I’m here to tell you why you SHOULD NOT.

  1. You don’t have anyone to manage it. Social Media isn’t advertising.  You can’t just assign it to an Associate Brand Manager, have them write a creative brief, hand it over to the agency, get the creative, make some changes to put your stamp on it and have the media buyer send the file off to the publication/station/etc.  Social Media requires DAILY attention because it is a CONVERSATION. No one in your department really wants to have conversations with consumers on a daily basis! Your consumers are nuts!  You prefer pumping out one-sided advertising that barks out meaningless messages but makes people at the company feel good.
  2. It creates more work. Yes, you will have to answer product questions and help your consumers find your product.  You might even have to deal with a consumer complaint.  That’s what the Customer Service or Quality Assurance depts are for, right.  You didn’t pay all that money for college to be answering complaints!
  3. Speaking of complaints, consumers might say something negative. You like to keep it positive, right?  You have any time for negativity and besides, you don’t want your boss to find out about some flaws or bad press.  That would be DISASTER!
  4. You’ll have to train people how to understand social media. Let’s face it, your boss doesn’t understand it, the sales team doesn’t understand it and your peers will think you’re just screwing off if they see Facebook open on your computer.  That spells D-R-A-M-A to me, and you don’t need that.  Just stick to the traditional stuff.  A recession isn’t any time to be a renegade.
  5. Isn’t this what agencies are for? Yes, agencies are the ones that are supposed to create and execute.  Your job is to analyze and strategize.  Oh, and write PowerPoint decks. And make your boss look smart.  Your agency is in the midst of getting all this social media stuff figured out – and when they do LOOK OUT!  It will be BIG!

So there, five reasons why you don’t have to worry about social media.  Don’t you feel better about it now?  Now get back to that deck that’s due by 9am tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Do Social Media

  1. “A recession isn’t any time to be a renegade.”

    Awesome. I don’t know if I could (or want to) say it better myself…the thing that kills me is that Social Media isn’t necessarily rocket science (shh don’t tell anyone) and can be done relatively cost-effectively and efficiently, but god, I can’t wait until my next PowerPoint presentation this morning! There’s the motivator…PowerPoint…it even sounds mythical (and by mythical, on the precipice of extinction) .

  2. Nice, Neal. I dream at night of “n things lists,” and you beat me to the punch on this one! Only thing is, there are those who will look up from the fears and uncertainties about this crazy new social media stuff and say, to management “See, It’s all gonna be ok,” and to themselvers, “thank god ’cause I’ve been soiling my trousers trying to figure out what to do with all this new media s%!t.” I look forward to stimulating reads of this post!

  3. Dude – you’ve said it. You’ve said it out loud.

    My only question is: when will you launch your SocMed Consultancy Firm, and will you launch it through

    Thanks for this ‘pice of truth’!

  4. Great post! I’m jealous I didn’t think of it first 🙂

    Here are 4 more reasons you SHOULDN’T engage in social media.

    6. Your products and services just aren’t that great.
    7. You’re not really into telling the truth.
    8. You like seeing yourself in print.
    9. You don’t have a point of view.

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