links for 2009-02-08

  • Describing the "unwritten rules of Twitter" is difficult to explain to new Twitter users. In fact, I'm not even going to try it anymore – I'm just going to give this to them.
  • Amber does a great job describing why social media works for both the consumer AND the marketer.

    SUMMARY: marketers learn more by sharing more about their brand and learn more by listening to their consumers and how they react to social medial

  • A couple good brand audits on GNC and Dairy Queen.

    Yeah, when I stop and think about, I don't think GNC could make vitamin or supplements much more boring than they do.

    Dairy Queen – well – I like me a good blizzard or cherry dipped cone now and again, but it seems like every Dairy Queen around the country is a completely different experience. Consistency people, consistency.

    (tags: brand audit)

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