Collaboration Part 1

Here’s a dirty little secret: Brand Managers don’t always know what’s best for their brand.  For the most part, Brand Managers are sitting behind desks, combing through research and telling themselves how smart they are.  They’re not out there in the trenches and experiencing the daily challenges their brand encounters on the street.

Here’s another dirty little secret: just because promotion agencies get paid to come up with awesome ideas, they don’t always deliver.

The point here is that a lot of the time, the ideas that actually increase sales come via collaboration with the people who don’t get paid to come up with awesome ideas that actually move product or increase sales.  It might be a sales person out in the trenches.  It might be the a retailer who sees a golden opportunity.  It might be a consumer that is passionate about the brand and sees an emotional connection that others don’t.

Most great ideas just can’t bubble up to the top from a consumer research deck or creative brief.  The best ones come via the true collaboration with the people that are out there actually making things happen and out there truly interacting with the brand.

How much time do you spend collaborating with these people?

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