Are You Adding or Taking Value?

A lot has been made about Twitter and whether it’s a fad, sustainable and all that stuff.  I think the only way it is sustainable is if people dedicate themselves to adding more value than they take.  If it becomes something where people just sit back and wait for others to post something smart or where they just post meaningless bullshit, it’s going to fail.

Adding Value on Twitter:

Good links, thoughtful tweets, reporting news, sharing interesting life experiences

Taking Value on Twitter:

Constant ego tweets, incomplete sentence @replies, spam, repetition

But isn’t the add/take equation the key to the sustainability of anything?  If everyone tries to game the system it don’t most things fail?  I’m not really sure if Twitter can do anything to guard against this.  It’s really up to us.  We’re the one that will decide if it develops into a community of givers or takers?

My only advice: don’t follow the takers.  And if you really think about it, some of the takers are the biggest names out there.


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