Brand Audit: Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta, you ask?  Yes, Ford Fiesta.  Ford is bringing it back.  It’s not like the Fiesta has the cache of the Mini, GTO or even the Thunderbird, but they’re bringing it back nonetheless.

Although I’m not such a fan of the name, I do like how they’re launching the brand.

Ford Screenshot

Here’s my take on how it works: Ford has found (maybe hired) 100 people to drive a Ford Fiesta for 6 months (free of charge, of course) and share their experiences via blogs, twitter and online video.  Through the 6 months, the Fiesta Movement website will gather all of this content and share with consumers.

The Fiesta Movement campaign combines all of the key elements from social media, word of mouth, ambassadors and transparency.

Social Media – they’ve created an environment for people to share and people to watch what being shared.

Word of Mouth – the campaign is built on talking, sharing opinions and insights.  Opinions from real people are much more likely to be shared than what a brand is forcing upon consumers via mass media.

Ambassadors – the campaign sought out people who were interested in participating and then narrowed it down to a select group.  This process allowed Ford to choose a group of consumers who wanted to be marketed to and wanted to be marketers.  In other words, they’re influencers.

Transparency – This partially remains to be seen, but it appears that Ford wants honest opinions from these “agents”.

Nice job, Ford.  Keep up the good work.


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