Do You Have a Twitter Filter?

We had an interesting conversation about managing a brand’s Twitter account.  Some of the questions that came up:

  • What SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be posted on Twitter?
  • How often should a brand be posting on Twitter?
  • How important is conversation?

My conclusion was that every brand needs a Twitter filter.  A Twitter filter is a list of subjects and guidelines that allows anyone and everyone within the organization to understand exactly what to post/plug/mention/discuss on Twitter.

Here are a few things I would recommend considering when writing your Twitter Filter:

  • What is the “sweet spot” for the number of Tweets per day? 5-10? 0-20?
  • What are some of the subjects that your followers REALLY care about?  What percentage of your tweets do you want to be on these subjects?
  • How can your brand’s attitude and essence best be communicated in 140 characters?
  • What is your @reply policy? If your Twitter account is as big as Whole Foods, are you going to publicly respond to every question?
  • What time of day is the best to reach your consumers?
  • What are the chances that this tweet will elicit a response or be re-tweeted?  If it’s low, is it worth sharing?
  • Of course, you could also list everything that SHOULD NOT be discussed/posted on Twitter, but it seems like that would be a lengthy list for any brand.

By the way, in my opinion, a lot of people should put their personal Twitter account through some of these same filters.  Just sayin’.

I’m sure there is more to add to this list, so what would you add?


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