Marketing Your Way to a Marketing Job

I love hearing stories about how people got a job or a new client in the marketing industry because almost every story is unique.  It seems like whenever someone gets their dream job or client, the story includes a chance meeting, a connection through a long lost friend or a creative way to get the decision maker’s attention.

Those stories are entertaining, but not surprising because:

  • More people than ever are looking for work or new clients and the competition is stiff.
  • A simple resume just doesn’t do it anymore.  If you’re playing the numbers game and just blasting out as many resumes as possible, you might as well be trying to contact the potential employer/client by way of telegraph.
  • Potential employers don’t have time to read resumes.  At best, they skim the resume for one or two key points.  Potential clients aren’t even giving your self-promotion materials that much time.

I really like this story of a guy who tweeted his way into a job at CP+B.  Alex Bogusky says in this piece that it was as simple as this guy getting their attention in a way that was consistent with his own personal brand.  So in other words, this guy activated his job search as a very specific and niche marketing campaign.

Although this hasn’t resulted in a job, I found a guy named Brandon Doyle on Facebook who was looking for a very specific job with my current employer.  He took a chance and used Facebook advertising to get my attention.  Not that I pay attention to Facebook ads, but it caught my eye and I loved the fact that he found a different way to get our attention.

The New Way to Get a Job

Those are two really creative and effective ways to get attention.  If you’re looking for a new gig, what are you doing to get the attention of your dream employer in your job search?


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