Brady Stewart 2001-2009

Our dog and best friend, Brady Stewart, lost her fight against a nasty auto-immune disease called Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia today.  IMHA is a terrible disease that is impossible to diagnose until it has already started destroying the dog’s blood and immune system.


Those of you who know me and my wife, Brenda,  know that Brady was an amazing dog and a huge part of our personal and professional lives.

  • Brady was an official mascot for the Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas where Brenda created a patch program designed to teach the girls about proper pet care, the efforts of the Humane Society, and humane education.  The program has helped over a hundred dogs get adopted from the San Antonio Humane society since 2003. The Brady’s Badge Patch can still be earned by Girls Scouts for performing education activities and community service on behalf of animals and animal serving agencies. The Badge is a picture of Brady’s likeness. Brady was adopted from the Bexar County SPCA Humane Society in San Antonio, Texas, where the Brady’s Day event was held annually by the Girls Scouts of Southwest Texas. For more information on the Brady’s Badge Patch Program, contact Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas Store or Resource Center at 210-349-2404.
  • One night in 2004, Brady got a little crazier than usual after a bath and had a bad accident jumping off the bed.  She broke a vertebrae in her spine and needed to have it surgically repaired.  After the surgery, Brady was paralyzed in her back legs for over two months.  The vets had all but written her off to be paralyzed the rest of her life, until one day, she wagged her tail.  From there, Brady worked hard to eventually regain feeling and movement in her back legs.  A year later, and after hundreds of hours of physical therapy (swimming, treadmills, acupuncture), Brady was back running and playing, with only a minor limp to show. She was a real testiment to fighting hard for those you love and never giving up.
  • Brady was a fixture around the Flying Dog Brewery in Denver.  She would often come to work with me and spend most of her day greeting visitors, following me around the brewery or sitting in meetings – but she spent most of her time sitting on my lap.
  • Brady always welcomed new dogs into her home, especially those needing a home.  Together, Brenda and Brady helped 3 stray dogs find homes and welcomed several temporary visitors.
  • And all of this almost didn’t happen.  Brady was about 2-3 weeks old when Animal Control found her roaming the streets of San Antonio.  Luckily, some nice person from Animal Control, took her home and hand-fed her until she was strong enough to go over to the Humane Society to be adopted.  Somehow, Brady always beat the odds.

The doctors at VCA Alameda East Vet Hospital, which is one of the country’s most respected veterinary clinics, said that Brady had some of the worst allergies they had ever seen.  Considering the back surgery, rehab, allergies, and auto-immune disease, Brady was an incredibly tough dog.  But more importantly, she was an incredibly special dog that made friends and fans out of everyone.  She will be missed more than words can say. Brady was lucky to have dedicated and loving people in her life, including Dr. Carrie McLoughlin in San Antonio, and Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald at Alameda East. Their amazing efforts and compassion made our time with Brady so meaningful, and at the end of it all, Dr. Fitzgerald helped us, and Brady, through the most difficult fight yet. We are especially grateful.


3 thoughts on “Brady Stewart 2001-2009

  1. She’s adorable! What a lucky dog to have you two in her life. There’s nothing harder to do I know, I’ll be thinking of you.

  2. Oh, what a crushing post to read. As a proud parent of two rescues who also love anyone, any place, I can only imagine how tough this is for you and yours. How amazing that she was such an inspiration and promoted so much goodness in your area! My thoughts are with you guys!!

  3. What a beautiful post and journey she had and the best parents in the dog world. I am a proud owner of teh Brady’s day patch and was always pleased to have her special appearances to have her photo taken and paw prints given to children. You were truly blessed to have had her in your life and I know it will be a great loss. But she is ROCKIN’ in doggie heaven right now, free of pain and runnin the place by now I am sure. We loved her and love you both dearly, May time heal your wounds and your hearts. LOve Dawn and Richie….

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