Thanks to Arkansas AdFed

I had a great time in Little Rock, AR talking to the Arkansas AdFed about my life in the beer business.  Big thanks to Brant Collins (@brantc) for setting everything up.  He really rolled out the red carpet and showed some great Southern Hospitality.  Brant truly is one of the good guys in social media and is doing some great stuff for his clients at Station X as well as the City of Little Rock.

One of the highlights of my trip was my stay at the Capital Hotel in Downtown Little Rock.  From what I know, it’s recently been renovated, but they did a great job of maintaining all of its old school charm.  My room was huge, the bed was comfortable and the customer service was impeccable.  Thanks again to Brant for setting this up.

If anyone is interesting in having me come out and talk to your organization, group or poker club, let me know.  I’m relatively inexpensive (free) and I’ve been known to buy people a beer or two in my time.  Email me or drop me a line on Twitter if you’re interested.


2 thoughts on “Thanks to Arkansas AdFed

  1. A very cool thing happened during your presentation – you caused people to think out loud. I’ll admit that at the time I was annoyed by it. After all, I came to hear what you had to say about your experience.

    But people had to talk – had to ask questions. Because you’ve experienced such a concrete example of the power of word of mouth marketing, marketers are compelled to figure out a way that they can apply the things that you’ve learned to their own communication strategies.

    Thanks so much.

  2. Sorry I missed the chance to meet and hear you, but Vegas conventions were calling.

    I’m glad you enjoyed our hotel. I speak for everyone at the Capital when I say we were glad to have you. And I’m glad Brant took good care of you. He’s cool like that.

    Come back to little Rock sometime soon, please!

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