links for 2009-10-17

  • I’m surprised, but pleasantly surprised that over 65% of surveyed CMOs are choosing to go in-house for their social media work.  It’s the right choice for several reasons and there are a few money quotes below.Social Media should be managed in-house because:

    1. It’s cheaper. You can hire a “Community Manager” for half of what it would take for an agency to manage the business.

    2. It’s faster. If you have someone in-house who is intimately involved in the brand and the company, you will be able to react to opportunities and challenges faster.

    3. It’s all about the content. Agencies are probably more skilled on the technical side, but let’s face it – pretty much anyone can figure out how to use Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or blogs these days.  But not everyone can get the content right.  And if you need some Tech help, outsource it for a couple days or learn it!

    (Found this piece via @daveknox )


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