Craft Beer Success Ingredients – Blocking and Tackling

First off, I want to thank everyone who stopped by to read my post on the Key Ingredients to Craft Beer Success.  In terms of views and feedback, it was by far my best blog post ever and I really appreciate all of the kind words.  It was nice to hear that some people who are actually launching new craft breweries read the piece and I sincerely hope I can point you in the right direction for you new endeavor.

As promised, I am going to follow-up and add a little detail to all of these key ingredients.

In this follow-up blog post, I’m going to cover two of the ingredients: “Blocking and Tackling” and “Activating the icon”.

Blocking and tackling

As I said in the original piece, if you don’t give your distributor the tools to sell, they won’t sell.  You gotta have the basic elements to get the beer/product placed.  In the leanest of times, I would highly recommend allocating a large percentage of your budget toward elements that help price and promote your beer.  When you have enough of those items, you can move on to the image building stuff like neons and signs.

Activating the Icon

My opinion on the image building stuff this:  quality, uniqueness and brand communication trump quantity.  Challenge yourself to find that one truly unique item that brings your brand to life.  New Belgium/Fat Tire has done this with their iconic cruiser bike.  Sweetwater has done this with their metal sign and their fish tap handles.  Odell Brewing has done this with their barrels.

Perfecting that iconic piece is not easy.  But it’s worth the challenge and you’ll know it when you find it.

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