Road Trip!

Holiday travel sucks.  Amateur travelers, long security lines, babies crying on the plane.  Not to mention the stress of having a schedule.  Screw all of that.  We’re getting in the car later today and letting the road tell us where to go.

My wife and I are doing the best kind of road trip – the kind with no plans.  We live in Denver and want to go visit family.  Her family lives in Grand Junction, CO (which is practically Utah) and mine is in Huntington Beach, CA.  We also wouldn’t mind going to Vegas or seeing the Grand Canyon. 

So we’re getting in a car today and driving.  It will be snowing across lost of Colorado, so weather might dictate where we go.  I’ll be updating our road trip via my Posterous blog and Twitter.  If you have any recommendations on where to grab a Turkey Sandwich along the way or find a great roadside attraction, let me know!

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