Back in Colorado – 12/30/09

We’re back home in Colorado. Our trip took us to Grand Junction, CO, Las Vegas, Huntington Beach and Los Angeles. On our way back we took the Southern route to avoid snow in the Rockies, but seemed to take WAY longer. (The Google told me it was only an additional 100 miles)

We drove from Williams, AZ to Denver today and it took forever. It was something like 770 miles.

Things I learned today:
-Albuquerque is way further from Denver than I thought – it’s almost 500 miles away.
-Beef Jerky is over-priced
-Just because you see a sign for McRibs being available at McDonald’s for a “limited time” on a billboard in California doesn’t mean they will have them at a McDonald’s in the middle of New Mexico.
-Eric Carmen sang that song “Hungry Eyes”
-It can snow a lot in AZ… and get really cold.
-And there are some ugly, pollution making factories like this in AZ

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