Gonzofest: Dude vs. Habanero

This is one of those things that is hard to explain why it’s funny, but it just is.

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The Great Moby Hoax

A funny little story to mix things up a bit: A good friend of mine (Matt, far right in the photo below) has a huge man-crush on Ben Folds.

This past weekend, Matt and his friends (all of whom live in Portland), decided to follow the Northwest leg of Ben’s tour.  They started in Spokane, when to Pullman and finished their groupie lovefest in Tacoma.

If you didn’t notice, one of the guys looks like Moby (Zach, the guy on the far left).  See below:


After the show the first night in Spokane, the guys, who know Ben’s manager, mentioned his resemblance to Ben and they came up with the idea to pull off a little stage prank and have “Moby” come on stage and sit in on a song with Ben.  Click here for the video of the first night.  After butchering the song, Ben stops the song and asks him what he’s doing.  At that point, Moby storms off the stage.

The next night in Tacoma, they took it a step further and had him sit in on an extending version “Narcolepsy”.  See the video below for the whole song (Moby comes in about halfway thru the video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Then comes the reaction.  A blog in Tacoma reviewed the concert with a headline of “Ben Folds and Moby Rock Tacoma” and called Ben and Fake Moby’s version of Nacolepsy “brilliant”.

The Oregonian’s blog has also covered the story, (knowing what the truth is).

There are also other videos on YouTube mentioning Moby’s appearance.

Overall, I think it’s hilarious that bloggers and youtubers took the bait and the Ben Folds/Moby collaboration is leaking into the blogosphere.  I guess it’s a good lesson on believing what you read and what you blog.