Tiger Woods predictions (no jokes, I promise)

I’m going on record for my Tiger Woods predictions:

  • Tiger Woods is out of Golf for all of 2010.  This really sucks for him because the US Open is at Pebble Beach (one of his best courses) and the Open Championship is at St. Andrews (also one of his best courses).  He would have won at least 2 majors this year.
  • He may never come back.  There’s a chance he’s gone for good.  The emotional torture he will have to endure to come back will be so great that he may not be able to take it.  This is different than OJ.  OJ is certifiably crazy.  Tiger messed up, knows it and it WILL affect his game, how he interacts with the public and how they love him.  Think about it.  Tiger had a “home field advantage” at almost every tournament he ever played.  If you don’t think that counted for something, then I challenge you to watch an NFL or NBA game this week.
  • There will be protesters when he comes back.  He will get death threats and people will yell to distract him as he tees off… if he comes back.
  • All of his sponsors will drop out or get a significant discount… if he comes back.  They’re most likely going to phase him out to save themselves.  He’s a different guy now.  Everyone loved him before and now everyone will hate him.  Why would anyone pay him money to endorse their brand?
  • Two people hold the key to his future: 1) His wife, Elin.  2) Oprah.  Serious!  Tiger will only be forgiven if Elin publicly forgives him.  If Elin heads off to Sweden, never to be heard from again, Tiger has one hope – Oprah.  An Oprah interviewing Tiger special will be one of the highest rated television shows of all time.  Might even be uncensored on cable or online.  He’ll have to come clean, cry, pledge to be a better man and beg for forgiveness.
  • Speaking of crying, he will have to cry at some point.  Publicly.  You can take that to the bank.
  • This will be viewed as the greatest personal/celebrity collapse of all time.  Never has someone at the peak of their fame and career taken such a disastrous fall from grace.  I already can’t even think of who’s second.  I guess OJ, but he’s a distant second. 
  • This will dramatically change the popularity of Golf, the PGA tour and how much brands invest in people.  In other words, this changes the whole sponsorship and celebrity endorsement game. 

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One thought on “Tiger Woods predictions (no jokes, I promise)

  1. Can we move Ben Roethlisberger into that #2 spot, now?


    * Do you think it’s coincidence that we’ve seen these two public meltdowns so close together, or is this a function of technology making transgressions so much more accessible?

    * Are we going to see more of these, or are handlers taking notes to prevent this in the future?

    * Companies are different from people, but are there lessons brands can take from these guys?

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