Sell Emotion, Not Logic

We’ve all learned, or at least been told, that consumer buying decisions are based on emotion, not logic.  Agree?

So I have a question: When you get a chance to present a sales pitch to a potential client or customer, do you present the emotion first?  Or do you go straight to the logic because that’s what they SAY they want to hear…because they only have a limited amount of time and all that stuff.

I would argue that the emotional side of your brand should be presented first.  It’s the emotion and the story that will get them interested, asking questions and giving you more face time.  If you present the logic, aren’t you just any other brand?  Is your product or service really that much better than your competition?

There’s always time to talk business (logic).  Believe me, once you reel them in based on your story, they’ll give you plenty of time to talk numbers.


I’m Taking the Selling Power Challenge

I can admit when I am at fault and someone calls my ass out.  In fact, encourage it.  In my blog post yesterday, entitled “Selling Power” Gerhard Gschwandtner, the founder of Selling Power Magazine called my ass out.  He left a comment here.

And he’s right, I am guilty of judging a book (in this case, a magazine) by it’s cover.  So, I’m going to take the “Selling Power Challenge and actually read it.  Then, I will give my full and honest critique of the publication on this blog.

What do you think, Gerhard?