Sorry, but Will Farrell is Overrated

I promise, I’m not trying to be contrarian when I say this, but Will Farrell is overrated.

Outside of Old School, which was great, his movies are just “ok”: Night at the Roxbury was a grease fire, Anchorman only had a few good lines, and Talledega Nights didn’t meet my expectations.

So, why all of the hoopla around his next flick, Semi Pro? Is it me or are all of his movies the same character with a different name and purposely cheesy costumes?

Let’s face it, Farrell is a modern day Chevy Chase or Bill Murray.  Those guys were good in their time, but I don’t think they got kind of exposure that Will Farrell gets today.  Of course the media and advertisers are more of a factor in 2008 than they were in 1988 – but still – I expect more when there is this kind of media onslaught.

I really get the feeling that people want a comedic superstar right now, and so whenever this guy is on a talk show or a commercial, everyone gathers around and forces themselves to laugh.  Is there that big of a void in comedy?

Will Farrell’s improv stuff is awful.  He’s been doing cameos on ESPN all week and they’re just terrible.  (Quick, get the writers at Wieden & Kennedy to come up with something, this guy is flopping).  And his talk show appearances aren’t much either. (Where’s Chris Elliott when you need him?)