Screw Sprint

How dumb is this?

I have an aircard from Sprint.  I signed up for a 1 year agreement on March 13, 2007 and pay $80/month for unlimited minutes.

I just got a new computer and need a USB card.  I went in to trade in/buy a new one and they insisted on me either buying one at retail ($300) or signing up for a completely new account.  I have one month left on my current package and offered to sign on for another year if they gave me the card for the current promotional price ($27).  They couldn’t do that.

Say what?

So told them, I’ll wait out the next month, let my service end and go with someone else and they let me walk out the door.

How dumb is that?  If I was them, I would do whatever I could to get another year out of a customer who charges his service to a credit card (i.e. never pays late).  On top of that, I really get a bad vibe from their customer service people.  Their apathetic attitude seeps out of their pores like sweat in a Gatorade commercial.

So screw Sprint.  If they’re not smart enough to figure this out, then I’ll go with someone else, or no one at all.