How Much Web 2.0 Do I Really Need?

I get a kick out of trying new web 2.0 apps.  I just like to see how they work and if they can be integrated into blogs or marketing.  But just like anything else, with the good, comes the bad.  Here’s what I’m into and what I’m not.

Apps I like:

Blogging: I like blogging.  It keeps my writing an observational skills somewhat sharp. I prefer WordPress and Blogger.  i tried Typepad, Vox and a few others and just couldn’t get into it.

Flickr: I really dig Flickr and I actually should spend more time on it.  I like taking pictures and I like dropping them into my blogs.  Works for me.

Twitter: Yeah, I like Twitter.  At first I thought it was a petty site for Tweens, but it turned out to be a petty site for internet geeks.

Britekite: I’m actually digging Britekite.  Maybe it’s because I like to keep track of where I travel, but for whatever reason, I can see myself getting into this one.

Delicious: This one took me a while, but I dig it now.  Once I figured out how to integrate it with my blog and post the links as a blog post, I liked it a lot more.

Facebook/LinkedIn; I’m not “gaga” for either of these.  I’m actually pretty bored with Facebook.  Really, how much time can you spend on there?

Video: YouTube pretty much has everything, but I prefer Vimeo.  Viddler seems to be gaining some steam too, so I might check that out.

The ones I have no use for:

Seesmic: What’s the point?  Little bite-sized conversations?  I don’t know, I just think Twitter is good enough for that.  If someone could explain this to me, I might try it out.  I didn’t get Twitter at first either. so maybe there’s something here?

Tumblr: I guess it’s nice to bring all of the different apps and websites together, but other than that, I don’t get it.  I have a tumblr page, but I never look at it.  And Ustream creeps me out.

Squidoo: I really gave this one a good shot, but it got really boring really fast.  There’s just too much crap to cut thru since pretty much everyone that is on there is trying to make a buck.

Dopplr: Hmm…seems like a convulted version of Britekite.  And I’m not important enought for people to be tracking where my travel plans are taking me.

Homepages: Google, Netvibes, Netscape, etc.  I tried to use these, but I just don’t see the point.  I prefer Bloglines (although it seems like there would be a better way to organize the information) and looking thru the news at my own pace.  Call me old-fashioned.

What’s on your Web 2.0 good and bad list?