Is This Weird?

On my way home last night, I picked up an Italian Salad from Buca di Beppo to go with the lasagna for dinner.  As I made the order at the take out desk, she asked for my phone number.  I always wonder why Radio Shack, Best Buy and all those other places ask for my phone number, but whatever.

I gave it to her and didn’t think much of it.

Later in the night, I get a phone call from a “303” (Denver) number I didn’t recognize.  I get a lot of random phone calls that I need to take, so I answered.  It was the girl from Buca di Beppo asking me how my salad was.  Is this good customer service or a little on the annoying/weird/stalker side?

I think it’s annoying, weird, stalker-ish and a little OCD on the whole customer service thing.