I’m Done with Taco Bell

Earlier this week, I blogged about Taco Bell’s racially insensitive Super Bowl commercial. That got me thinking: Do I really even need Taco Bell in my life?

At this point, I think the answer is “no.” And this is actually hard for me to say. Taco Bell has been a good friend over the years and there have been many a late night when nothing tasted better than 5 Taco Bell tacos, a Nachos BellGrande, an Enchirito and 2 Chicken Soft Tacos. Ahh, those were the days.

But Taco Bell is part of Yum brands and their business practices have pushed me to the edge:

1. Not only are the Taco Bell commercials offensive, so is their food. They have changed the meat and I’m thinking they increased the percentage of dog food in the mix.

2. One of Taco Bell’s sister fast food joints is KFC and it has widely been documented on their unethical treatment of animals – chickens in particular. Click here to see a very disturbing video about their treatment of chickens that is narrated by Pam Anderson.

So, I’m done with Taco Bell and KFC, And Long John Silver’s. And A&W. And yes, even Pizza Hut. After all, it’s ultimately up to us to police unethical companies by giving or in this case, taking our business.