How We Use Web 2.0 to Start Brand Conversations

I’ve looked all over the interweb for a simple, social media/web 2.0 flow chart-diagram-type-thingy.  Most of what I have found is really technical (like this) and goes on the theory that everyone knows and uses EVERY social media application.

So I got to doodling today and came up with this:

Web 2.0 Brand Communication Flow Chart

Maybe this is overly simplified, but this isn’t intended for all you blog-reading geeks.  It’s more for people who work on the brand side, with small budgets and want to get the word out.

Here’s how it works:

  • Content is developed.  It can come in the form of photos, in-store displays, videos, promotions and more.
  • That content is packaged up and formatted for a blog. (I really considered adding “website” in that box, but decided against it).
  • From there the content is shared in your favorite social networking and bookmarking websites.
  • THEN, the content is promoted on Twitter.  Personally, I see Twitter in a world of it’s own and different than blogs or social sites.
  • That’s it.  Pretty simple.

But give me your thoughts.  This is by no means perfect or finished.  It’s just a starting point.


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